White on White

I could be studying

But no, I’m cavorting

In clothes so provoking

I just really feel like sailing

Across the universe expanding

My gender’s already transitioning

And I am wishing I weren’t resisting

But you can’t deny there’s something

About being born a boy, the controlling

Yet I look in the mirror, lowkey salivating

She’s finally hot, and hot men are staring.

Pretty Lies I Sought

Girls are better than even pot

and guys are mean but so hot,

they can get it from some thot.

A thot I am, and I’ll marry for a lot

of money and if I keep up my squat,

he’ll be loving my big butt on a yacht.

Yet this defies everything I had thought

when life SUCKED, and I developed a plot

for both my male body & gender roles to rot.

Thus, I conjecture that perhaps we should not

let pride, grandeur, and stereotypes get caught

animating the social constructs we have fought.

Welcome to Lonely Lauren’s Lovely Little Life

I’m a young Dallas girl who just accepted her gender and is diving into women’s fashion. I’m known to fam as a boy so I run my main blog as such. I do this in clandestine circumstances, by wearing lingerie when my roommate’s gone and by posting pics. Here I’ll explore not only outfits and makeup but also poetry, politics, and many other topics.

I am a junior at Harvard University, concentrating in government with a history minor. I live on campus at Eliot House (4th floor rules!). I am interested in art, film, music, politics, theoretical physics, language, philosophy, and more. I love sports. I love cereal. I love snuggling with my girlies. I love dating men. I love wearing lingerie…