White on White

I could be studying

But no, I’m cavorting

In clothes so provoking

I just really feel like sailing

Across the universe expanding

My gender’s already transitioning

And I am wishing I weren’t resisting

But you can’t deny there’s something

About being born a boy, the controlling

Yet I look in the mirror, lowkey salivating

She’s finally hot, and hot men are staring.

Pretty Lies I Sought

Girls are better than even pot

and guys are mean but so hot,

they can get it from some thot.

A thot I am, and I’ll marry for a lot

of money and if I keep up my squat,

he’ll be loving my big butt on a yacht.

Yet this defies everything I had thought

when life SUCKED, and I developed a plot

for both my male body & gender roles to rot.

Thus, I conjecture that perhaps we should not

let pride, grandeur, and stereotypes get caught

animating the social constructs we have fought.