Red on Red: An Appeal to Republicans

It’s simple. It is impossible to have an advanced society without a public sector that invests tax revenue in its utilities. Taxation is theft, but it’s a collective, necessary type. Who else will pave highways, build bridges, maintain healthcare, regulate industries, progress public education, maintain a military, enforce the law, and so on?

So, the question is not whether to tax but whom to tax. This is where a lot of theory meets misconstrued history, but the general consensus (insofar as the current system suggests) is that a progressive tax system in which those who benefit from the system the most accrue the highest tax rates is solid; it’s arbitrary to say whether any tax code is right, but this seems a reasonable system.

But our system, due to Republicans and also many Democrats, allows millionaires, billionaires, and corporations to contravene tax code and find loopholes (offshore bank accounts, manipulating asset value, and many others). They must be regulated and disciplined. Why? They are not contributing the tax revenue that could fund most of the massive 2020 Democratic presidential candidates’ policy platforms, while we get nickel and dimed.

And so the topic becomes, how is tax revenue allocated to various departments? This is yet another phase where Trump and fellow establishment Republicans (also Dems) worsened things. Rather than draining the swamp, he has filled the swamp with Wall Street cronies and wealthy benefactors & lobbyists. Those puppets are working against the agencies they run (e.g. Department of Education; Environmental Protection Agency; Department of Energy), stripping benevolent parts of the government and handing them to a greedy sliver of the private sector. This isn’t to say rich people are greedy or tax avoiders, but merely that it is a trend. So where do the taxes go?

We spent $6 trillion and counting on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military-industrial complex is the most well-funded force on Earth, we spend almost a trillion dollars a year on our defense budget now (with several raises under Trump), and it’s an unstoppable apparatus. Yet many fail to see the double standard between people happily spending more taxes on the military & useless oil wars than every other country in the world combined while refusing to pay for, say, Bernie Sanders’ 2016 free-tuition-for-all plan, which would cost $75 billion a year. We could be funding so much more while cutting taxes if we proportion things well. Vote anybody but Trump (even Joe!) and you will help advance general society.

This is obviously reductive and there are countless more variables that come into play, good or bad. But that’s my simplified explanation, while staying away from the hyperbolic rhetoric, as to why Trump is fundamentally corrupt and why we need a candidate (regardless of affiliation) that works for the people—not just the top 1%. 

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