White on White

I could be studying

But no, I’m cavorting

In clothes so provoking

I just really feel like sailing

Across the universe expanding

My gender’s already transitioning

And I am wishing I weren’t resisting

But you can’t deny there’s something

About being born a boy, the controlling

Yet I look in the mirror, lowkey salivating

She’s finally hot, and hot men are staring.


  1. I’m straight, my uncle was gay, I loved him to death since I was there when he passed away from aids taking care of him, so I really don’t care about gay, transgenders, lesbians, name yourself whatever. I care about the character of that person, the individual. You’re an individual that writes provoking poetry (in the minds of most people I’ve lived quite a life so very few things shock me) and I like the structure of this poem and I like you´re a tough person to be who you are. Nobody, but nobody dictates who one is, only you. That goes for me too and the rest of humans. I know it has to be hard for you, so more props to you for taking a stance and be who you are based on your principles.
    Take care, kick ass, and write some more poetry or whatever you want to write.


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