Transgender Day of Remembrance

Proud of myself, my outfit, and my life on this day. ❤


331 men & women killed

Yet politicians are thrilled

We should collectively build

A big ally-inclusive trans guild

To spread empathy and to rebuild

Society so we are not getting grilled

Trump & co. are idiots but also skilled

So watch out: Our guts could be spilled.


But he’s not the only threat

There are many more, you bet

It’s about the policies that are set

It’s about an entire societal mindset

The apathy that burns like a cigarette

Prejudiced rhetoric engineered to upset

Dehumanizing jokes/labels with no regret

Each stereotype or epithet puts us in debt.

Love my body too—no dysphoria today—and I’m a happy lady.


But it’s not all about society

It is about income inequality

Cheap, outdated infrastructure

Corruptly allocated tax revenue

Discriminatory bathroom policies

Big Pharma & mediocre education

The huge military-industrial complex

And prejudice masquerading as religion.


We must solve both the

Trans and national issues

Because they both harm us

And the dual effect is killing us

Trans people will keep dying whether

It’s murder, suicide, or natural because

All 3 are severely worsened in a country

With subpar public resources and leaders.


Rest in peace to every beautiful soul lost. Your name will not pass in vain.


  1. Your poetry is as beautiful as you are, Lauren! I especially like the way that you structured them. That was very, very clever. You have a gift for expressing your soul in words. I hope to see them in print one day so that you can share them with the world.

    Send me an email. I’d like to give you something.


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