Welcome to Lonely Lauren’s Lovely Little Life

I’m a young Dallas girl who just accepted her gender and is diving into women’s fashion. I’m known to fam as a boy so I run my main blog as such. I do this in clandestine circumstances, by wearing lingerie when my roommate’s gone and by posting pics. Here I’ll explore not only outfits and makeup but also poetry, politics, and many other topics.

I am a junior at Harvard University, concentrating in government with a history minor. I live on campus at Eliot House (4th floor rules!). I am interested in art, film, music, politics, theoretical physics, language, philosophy, and more. I love sports. I love cereal. I love snuggling with my girlies. I love dating men. I love wearing lingerie! Follow to see my evolution. -Lauren ❤ 🏳️‍🌈 🤠

Inquiries? Email lua914@harvard.edu

P.S. No transphobia/slut shaming/harassment plz. Thank you 🙂


  1. Pleasure to meet you Lauren! You absolutely don’t need to apologise for “not being girly enough” – there is no benchmark, there are no standards to meet or test to take. If you know you are trans, that’s trans enough.

    I think it’s super brave that you’ve shared lots of photos of yourself! I admire your confidence. And if it’s not too weird to say, your ass looks magnificent in that dress!

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    1. Thank you so much! This is one of the most thoughtful comments I’ve ever seen and I really appreciate all of your words, as well as your wise and NEEDED advice concerning whether I’m “girly” enough. I do know I’m trans so I will be proud in being enough. Can’t say how much this means to me. I’ll check out more of your posts! And hahaha thank you so much about my ass—love it lol. Thank you ❤

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  2. Nice post dear 😀.
    I wish you all the best dear, Lord knows we need it with all the crap miss Strumpet is pulling on us.

    I follow a older trans lady, I read some good advice from her today ( this isn’t meant to afend ) ” don’t dress for men “sluty” dress for your self ” she said she got some bad atenchen from gone out dressing that way when she was Unger that still affects her today, dressing cashwal like other woman is a much better way to go and you blind in better that way as well.
    I’m sure your read to jump in head first and explore this new side of your self but trust me when I say pashents is a vertuy take it slow and read all that you can find from other trans people their mistakes can help you a lot as well as what they have learned.



    1. Thank you so much love! This is incredible advice. You make great points. You’re so right about dressing like a slut honestly and I’ll make sure in the future that I try to dress for myself and not to impress men. Hope I can help other trans people like you have helped me! Xoxo

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  3. Hi! I just want to say you look amazing! Thanks for liking me blog post and I’ve been really inspired by reading yours 🙂 As other people have said, how you dress for drag and how you dress in your day to day life as a trans girl could be the same or completely different and you shouldn’t feel ‘not girly enough’ or like your not meeting societal standards and gender stereotypes. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and that makes you happy. Thanks xoxo

    P.s can we pls wear fishnets together?


    1. Thank you so much, Tom!!! Love what you have to say and I’m excited for future posts! I really appreciate your advice also about me not needing to meet societal standards or any of that. I will indeed dress in a way that makes me happy as a trans girl and you’re the best! P.S. Fishnets all the way baby! xoxoxo

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  4. Thank you, I’m glad you like it and gives me so much motivation to write more! I’m currently writing review of trans pride so if you’d like to give me some feedback before I post it that would be great. Yeah, I love all of your outfits so I’m excited to see more 🙂 Ikr fishnets are the best! xoxoxo

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      1. All things considered, I’m doing well. Don’t forget that today is Trans Remembrance day and there might be some events near you that you could get involved in and meet more people like yourself and talk to them about their experiences. ❤


      2. Thank u so much. ❤️ I knew it’s Trans Remembrance Day but figured I’d just be engaged with the community online but didn’t think to do anything in person. Will see what’s happening nearby! Hope it’s a great day for you as well!


    1. Much appreciated! I think the problem is that all of the clothes I could find that I could afford were generally cheap “slutty” type clothes (rave clothes, spandex, bras, underwear, etc.) but I need to hurry up and invest in some more full outfits that are more modest and presentable. Thanks for the great advice. Much appreciated! ❤️


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